CATSSTAC - Redefining Urban Fashion with Style and Attitude

Welcome to CATSSTAC, the ultimate destination for urban fashion enthusiasts! As an independent design studio established in 2017 and based in Beijing, we take pride in creating unique and trendsetting apparel that embodies the essence of self-expression and individuality.

At CATSSTAC, we believe in the power of opposites coming together in perfect harmony. Our palindromic brand name symbolizes the unity of seemingly contrasting design elements, showcasing how diverse styles can seamlessly merge to create something truly extraordinary.

Our diverse range of products reflects the integration of three core styles: military, functional, and streetwear. Through relentless experimentation with high-quality materials and innovative production techniques, we express our distinct perspectives on self-identity and the world around us.

In our technical apparel line, function meets aesthetics, offering form-fitting silhouettes and durable fabrics tailored for active lifestyles. Our military-inspired collection draws inspiration from utilitarian details and retro styling, creating a bold and edgy look. Meanwhile, our streetwear collection channels the vibrant energy of youth culture through eye-catching graphics and relaxed fits.

Every CATSSTAC design undergoes rigorous prototyping and testing, guaranteeing the highest performance and quality. We push boundaries to deliver apparel that not only looks stylish but also provides real-world comfort, reliability, and functionality.

Our mission at CATSSTAC is to empower creators and free spirits who appreciate art, function, and self-expression. We cater to individuals with diverse interests, offering boundary-pushing yet wearable designs that inspire confidence and embrace uniqueness.

Join the CATSSTAC movement and unlock your true self through our empowering apparel. Experience the perfect fusion of style and attitude as you redefine urban fashion. CATSSTAC - where fashion meets individuality, and self-identity takes center stage.