Dragon Scale Leather Jacket
Dragon Scale Leather Jacket
Dragon Scale Leather Jacket
Dragon Scale Leather Jacket

Dragon Scale Leather Jacket

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In the Year of the Dragon, we have developed multiple limited-edition products.

This leather jacket takes inspiration from the intricate layers of dragon scales. It is crafted using custom-made, high-quality composite leather material with a delicate texture.

The jacket features a structured and stylish design with a symmetrical composition of front and back panels.

The front showcases four pleats, while hidden pockets are cleverly placed within three pleats.

The chest area is adorned with double flaps, and the arms are enhanced with shoulder armor, adding richness to the overall silhouette.

The back panel exhibits multiple pleats combined with triangular structural lines, creating a visually striking impact. It is equipped with a custom double-slider zipper closure, featuring copper-core corn teeth paired with a size 8 zipper pull, ensuring smooth operation.

The arms are fitted with a size 5 zipper, allowing adjustable cuff openings.

With its short and wide structure, this jacket is an essential standout piece in your wardrobe for the Dragon Year's spring season.